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Working from home during COVID-19: Are you tired of your home office space… or the lack of it?

Working from home went from a benefit to a neccessity in no time. The romantic idea of WFH used to be about avoiding the commute, working in our PJ’s (or without pants for you boys), and being able to have more free time.

Nowadays and “thanks” to this pandemic, many of us have been forced to work from home full-time, and face the challenges that come with it.

… there are always ways to improve your space

The current challenges are at all-time high since they include family dinner, home schooling, and working in the same space.  With this comes frustration, distractions, lack of productivity, and long workdays to overcome the time lost.

Many people are investing in improving their home office or even creating a brand new one. Even if you don’t have that luxury, there are always ways to improve your space.

No matter how limited your space is and how many family members are sharing it, here are some ideas that will help.

working from home, home office
Create a separate space

Zoom calls are now an everyday thing and so is zoom bombing –  our children crashing the party, or the call in this case. I have personally had my four-year old appear naked on his way to the shower (oops), or had a meltdown because he did not want to take a shower. All of this in the middle of my call.

Even if you have to move your office to a closet, privacy is the key to be able to stay focused on your work and be able to compartmentalize different parts of your life in order to stay sane.

For me, the best decision was to move my office to my bedroom, so that I could close the door whenever I need privacy.

Home office, working from home
Choose a spot with good lighting – preferably natural light

If possible, try to have your office space close to a window. This will reduce strain on your eyes and will create a better environment to stay productive. Working in a dark, dull room will make the days seem longer.

If a window is missing, use lamps to boost the brightness. Research shows that we need sunlight to sleep better, reduce stress levels, be more active and in a better mood.

… The most beautiful place in your home should be the one where you are spending most of the time
Make your space Comfortable

When working from home was limited to a couple times a month or even once a week, sitting on the couch with a laptop was acceptable. Since working from home has become the norm, having a proper space with an ergonomic chair and a desk with the right height are a must-have.

Not only  will the proper seating increase your productivity – it will also avoid posture problems and back or shoulder pain.


Create a separation


Choose a spot with good lighting


Make your space comfortable


Keep it uncluttered


Add your personal style


Maintaining a clean organized workspace helps to minimize distractions and therefore increase productivity. Working from home makes it harder to disconnect, so picking up at the end of the day and putting away papers and folders help with keeping a work and family balance.

Closing the door of your home office at the end of your workday is a good practice. If you don’t have the luxury of separate space, keep bins, baskets or even put things in a closet.

Add your personal style

Personal style is timeless and will help you feel at ease in your own space. Even if you want to follow a trend to decorate your space, choose one that suits your personality and makes you joyful.

The most beautiful place in your home should be the one where you are spending most of your time.

Working from home in the current circumstances means hours and hours, day after day in your home office, so make it a place you feel happy to be in, a place where you can thrive. Adding greenery, texture, a color palette, and playful accents will help you beautify your space.

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