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Ideas for living room furniture layout

After our last post on  Tips for a Living Room Makeover, we got some people asking for the best way to layout your furniture to create the ideal seating arrangement in your space. There is no such thing as the best way to do it since it all depends on your style, your space configuration, the activities you normally do in your living room and the atmosphere you want to create.

…Your style and the atmosphere you want to create in your living room sets the tone for your furniture layout

For example, some people like having the TV in the living room so this is their focal point and the activities they do rotate around the TV.  Some of us prefer not to have a TV in the living room and the activities are more centered on entertaining.  Others have a fireplace in their space and make this the center of attention, so the furniture is arranged to enjoy the comfort of the fire.

At the same time, your style and the atmosphere you want to create in the space, determines the kind of furniture you would use in the room and opens the layout possibilities as seen on the examples below.

Symmetrical Arrangement
  • It provides formality in the space
  • It also encourages eye contact and facilitates conversation
  • Be aware of personal space when deciding the size of the sofas.
Living room furniture layout, symmetrical arrangement
Living room furniture layout
L-Shaped Seating
  • This furniture layout encourages conversation
  • It helps when space is needed by anchoring some of the seating against a wall.
  • A console table positioned behind the open portion of the L-shaped seating is perfect for dividing the spaces
  • This layout allows both pieces of furniture to face the same focal point.

L-Shaped seating


4-way seating


Symmetrical Seating

4-way Seating
  • This grouping is flexible depending on the needs of the space
  • It encourages easy conversation and eye contact
  • It can float in the middle of a room or  the sofa can be placed against a wall  to save space when needed.
Living room furniture layout, 4-way seating arrangement
… A symmetrical seating arrangement provides certain formality in a living room

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