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Styling with Beads

You know that feeling when you are staring at your home decor setup and are far from being excited or energized from it. It feels so old and stuffy, and you just want to change things around, maybe add something new. Then you abandon the desire because you start thinking about all the things you might have to buy and that it would all take too much time that you don’t have right now anyway. Hold on. A decor refresh does not have to be a long tedious project. Adding something as simple as beads to your decor mix might just be the answer for you. They are extremely versatile and will surprise you with their ability to add a spark of newness to your space.

So how to go about the beads? Well, it’s quite easy. First, do you have any at home? Maybe from your travels? I bought some small ceramic beads when visiting La Jolla and decided to add them to my succulent planter. They are a great reminder of that trip.

If you do not have any beads you love at home, look around the Internet for beads that speak to you. Maybe you like wooden beads. Or maybe crystal or stone beads. Ceramic beads. Also, what color would you prefer – do you want to go with naturals or do you want to add a pop of color to your surroundings? The white wooden boho beads you will see in several photos in this blog post are from Etsy.

Second, decide what you would like to decorate with the beads. Here are a few ideas to kick start your creativity (>‿◠)✌

Beads can add a spark of newness to your space.

Decorate your curtains and put a tieback on them.


Add another layer to your coffee table books.


Dress up your pottery decor.


Hang them – on the wall, above your bed, or on the headboard of your bed.


Dress up your entry way, a dresser, or a console.


Add small beads on the top of your plant’s soil.

Beads have been around forever. Yet, they are far from being antiquated. They can be various origins and there have been various meanings for them. Most of the time we think about beads in connection with enhancing our bodies and wearing jewelry pieces. But if we think out of the box a little, we will discover a fantastic layering object that can travel through different areas of our home and bring us joy every time we create a new decor setup. Because of the different textures, lengths, and styles, beads can truly be a great addition to your space and a little layering miracle. ☢ I hope you are taking away a little inspiration from this article and will start playing around with them. Remember, layering is a form of a creative expression that has the power to tell a story. And just like we layer our clothes or jewelry, we can layer in our spaces. ツ

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