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During these times that we are forced to stay home to win the fight against Corona Virus, giving our living room a makeover could be a fun thing to do to stay sane and have some change…!  Move things around, pull furniture from other rooms, swap the decor and get creative.

Check some living room makeover tips below so your furniture placing makes your space feels refreshed, balanced and in harmony.

…A beautiful space starts with a comfortable space.
make your space comfortable and balanced
  • A beautiful space starts with a comfortable space. Make sure it’s easy to move around the room and that all tasks needed in the space can be easily achieved. Always ask yourself what the function of the room is and how people are going to be moving in it before deciding how to arrange your furniture.
  • Choose a focal point, this will be your center of interest like an accent wall, a view, a fireplace or a painting and emphasize this feature when planning the furniture layout.
  • Make sure the furniture is balanced across the room by dividing your space into four equal parts (be exact by using a measuring tape or even estimate it using imaginary lines).
  • Arrange items using height progression or groupings of variable heights to create unity in the room and to avoid extreme variations in height that create visual clutter. Apply this to wall organization as well as furniture and décor arrangement.
Two arm chairs by the chimney
…The coffee table is the second focal point of the room, so make it a statement.
seating arrangement: facilitate conversation
  • The furniture arrangement in the living room must allow for easy conversation; to help with that make sure that a portion of the seating faces the other seating in the room.
  • Place the sofa in a central location with extra seating facing the sofa; make sure the extra seating is close enough to your sofa to facilitate a dialogue.
  • When adding extra seating pay extra attention to the scale, since they need to feel proportional to the sofa, the coffee table and any other chairs in the room. Ideally the seat height of your sofa and the side chairs should be within 4” of each other. For instance, having a low sofa with a tall chair is not only visually unbalanced but makes people sitting in the room feel uncomfortable to talk to each other.
  • A pouf is an interesting addition to a room since it makes for a great footrest and at the same time can be used for extra seating if needed.
Glass modern coffee table and leather chairs

Choose a focal point


Balance the furniture across the room


Arrange seating to facilitate conversation

coffee tables, lighting and decor
  • Place coffee tables about 2ft from the sofa so it’s comfortable to reach them. The coffee table is the second focal point of the room, so make it a statement.
  • Add a sideboard to get more storage space and a surface to display decorations and collections.
  • Spread out your lighting to keep the room light and bright, a very well-lit room gives the appearance of more space.
  • Place lamps behind the left side of a chair or sofa to provide ideal lighting for reading
  • Add small decorative elements to the room for visual interest and… Have fun! this is your space give it a touch of your own personality.
Decoration details on coffee table and sofa

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